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What are the different types of teacher certificates? 

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Office of Teacher Certification

The Office of Teacher Certification with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is responsible for the following:

  • Processing teacher certification applications
  • Processing applications for increases in teacher classification
  • Recording teaching service for certified teachers in Nova Scotia
  • Providing administrative services for certified teachers
  • Investigating matters of teacher misconduct

To become a teacher in Nova Scotia, individuals must first be issued a teacher’s certificate by the Registrar of Teacher Certification. In order to be awarded with a teacher’s certificate, qualified applicants must apply for teacher certification with the Office of Teacher Certification. An applicant does not need to be a Canadian resident, or physically be in Canada to apply for Nova Scotia teacher certification.

To be granted a teacher's certificate in Nova Scotia, an applicant must have completed an "Approved Program of Professional Studies" as part of the broader certification requirements. A Bachelor of Education degree is the normal professional preparation to teach in Nova Scotia. Other programs of study can qualify as an "Approved Program of Professional Studies". Visit here to read on what is an "Approved Program of Professional Studies". (Read More 1)

Applicants for teacher certification in Nova Scotia should be aware that on August 1, 2000, a new teacher certification system with new classifications of teacher certification came into effect in Nova Scotia. Certification regulations allow some applicants to be assessed and classified on the basis of the classifications and requirements of the pre-August 1, 2000, teacher certification system while other applicants must be assessed and classified on the basis of the post-July 31, 2000, teacher certification system. Since 2005, eligible teachers certified using the post-July 31, 2000, teacher certification system have been endorsed to teach either elementary or secondary levels of education. If endorsed at the secondary level, teachers are then endorsed to teach within a major or minor subject area (see below).

Different Types of Teaching Certificates

The teacher certification system in Nova Scotia has a number of classifications of teacher certification. Each classification requires different academic and professional teacher education. The Office of Teacher Certification issues two types of teachers certificate — regular, and vocational teacher’s certificates.

  • Regular Certificate - A regular certificate is the type of certificate given to a graduate of a pre-service teacher education program designed to prepare the participant as a classroom teacher.
  • Vocational Certificate - A vocational certificate is the type of certificate given to an applicant who has completed occupational training and experience in the trades and has completed an approved pre-service teacher education program.

Visit here to see the classifications of a Regular Certificate post-July 31, 2000 and pre-August 1, 2000. (Read More 2)


Are there different types of teacher certification in your first country?

Endorsing of Regular Certificates

In Nova Scotia, an endorsation awarded on a teacher’s certificate endorses a teacher to teach certain areas within the public education system. Eligible certificates can be endorsed for:

  • elementary education
  • secondary education by recognized subject field
  • both elementary and secondary education where the secondary education subject fields are French, physical education/health education or fine arts

Endorsations recognize the principle that teachers are to be competent in both the subject area and the methodology of the subjects they teach.  On a provincial basis, endorsing establishes recognized subject fields that will result in multiple endorsements. The Registrar may give a teacher’s certificate with more than one endorsation , and may include in the endorsation for secondary education a major or minor endorsement as recognized by the Registrar. Visit here for more on endorsing. (Read More 3)

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