Volunteering to Gain Experience

How can I volunteer to gain experience?


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Whether they have a job or not, many people in Canada spend some of their time volunteering. Volunteering is unpaid work mostly with non-profit, community, sports or healthcare organizations. There may also be opportunities to volunteer in schools and libraries. The benefits of volunteering include:

  • gain work experience
  • get local references
  • find out about job leads
  • learn about Canadian workplaces and community issues
  • practise your language and communication skills
  • develop new skills – eg. interpersonal, organizational and fundraising skills
  • make new friends and contacts
  • make a contribution to your new community

To find out more about opportunities in the Halifax area visit here or do a Google search on “volunteering in Nova Scotia”. Contact your local school or library to ask about volunteering there.  (Read More 1)

(See Source 1)


If your language is good, consider being a volunteer tutor. For more information contact:

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    Source 1: Can I volunteer to get Canadian experience?

    Ontario Settlement.org

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