In the Workplace

Teacher's Role

What role do teachers play in the learning environment?

Teachers play an important role in making sure every classroom is a healthy, safe and positive learning environment. One of the six recognized teaching standards in Nova Scotia is “Teachers create safe and positive learning environments.” See Section 5 for more on teaching standards.

Teachers do this by:

  1. Creating and keeping positive learning environments that are fair, inclusive and safe.
  2. Following the Provincial School Code of Conduct (visit here for more information on Code of Conduct) and other policies associated with student behaviour.
  3. Establishing respectful relationships with students, families, colleagues and other partners in education.
  4. Providing culturally-responsive and student-centered responses to differences in student behaviour associated with culture, language and life experience.
  5. Addressing unacceptable student behaviour in a fair and consistent manner.
  6. Working with families, guidance counsellors, mental health professionals and others to look at student behavioural challenges, mental health concerns and special needs in new and forward-thinking ways.


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