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Parents Role

How are parents involved in the school system?

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Parents can volunteer in many ways such as interpreting, reading to students, helping teachers, helping with the lunch program and fundraising. Special school events provide opportunities to meet other parents and families from the community. Parents can:

  • attend parent/teacher interviews
  • support school socials such as spring fair
  • attend special school functions
  • join school based community groups such as a School Advisory Council; Parent Teacher Association; and/or Home and School Association

School based community groups provide an opportunity for parents to work collaboratively with school administration and staff to promote a positive learning community for all.  These groups ensure everyone has a voice.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

SACs are volunteer organizations that receive their authority from the Education Reform Act. SACs are in most Nova Scotia schools; they were set up to provide families, staff, community members and where appropriate, students with a voice to influence decisions that impact student learning. SACs bring partners together to provide principals and regional centres with advice that reflects the best interests of students. Download the Nova Scotia School Advisory Council Handbook here for more information on the council. (Read More 1)

Parent Teacher Association/Organization (PTA/O)

The Parent Teacher Association/Organization is a partnership between parents and educators who work to increase student learning and make the lives of the students better within the school. It is also a place for parents to get knowledge and voice their opinions about what is happening in their school.  Visit here for an example of a PTO in an elementary school in the Halifax Regional Educational Office. (Read More 2)

Nova Scotia Federation of Home & School Association (NSFHSA)

The Nova Scotia Federation of Home & School Associations (NSFHSA) is a volunteer organization made up of various parent groups. The Federation welcomes SACs, PTAs as well as other parent groups throughout Nova Scotia. Members can be made up of parents, teachers, students, administrators and others who are interested in working together for the benefit of all children and youth at home, in schools and in our communities. Visit here for more information on this association. (Read More 3)


How involved are parents in the education system in your first country?

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