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What is the general approach to education?


Student-Centred Learning

Student-centred learning focuses on the student’s unique needs, abilities, interests and learning styles.  Teachers use many different strategies to work with their classes.  Differentiated learning means providing students many different ways to learn.  Teachers develop a variety of teaching materials so that all students can learn effectively.  Student-centered learning allows students to take greater responsibility for their own learning, and provides opportunities to learn from each other.  Student-centered learning asks students to be active, responsible participants in their own education.  Teachers know that students learn best by participating.  Teachers encourage students to experience ideas directly.

For example:

  • to learn about volume, young students measure sand with different cup sizes; they get to experience the idea rather than just hear about it from the teacher
  • older students might be asked to create a product for sale at a student market to learn about business and economics
  • a teacher might read a short story to the class, and then have the students work in small groups each with a different task - later, meeting as a whole class again, students present group findings

Student-centred learning contributes to student success by:

  • strengthening student motivation
  • encouraging communication
  • building student-teacher relationships
  • encouraging discovery and active learning
  • creating responsibility for one’s own learning

Student-centered learning is different from teacher-centered instruction.  Students are encouraged to think logically, independently and critically.  Teachers want students to be able to ask questions and express opinions about what they learn.  Student-centered learning helps students understand and appreciate the contributions of others. (See Source 1)


What is the general approach to education in the school system in your first country?

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